Chamber Ensemble

Within Madrigal Chorale are two dedicated small groups called the Women's Chamber Ensemble and Men's Chamber Ensemble. They perform a largely a cappella repertoire with only two to three singers per part. Their performances are characterized by excellent intonation, grace and artistry.

Because of their size, they often perform in smaller, more intimate settings such as parties, weddings and other special events. If you are interested in learning more about having one of our Chamber Ensembles perform at your event, please contact us at or 248-804-1377.

Women's Chamber Ensemble

Tara Blockno, Marie Cook, Margee Kaczmarek, Rebecca Kell, Olivia Langsdorf, Annette Mamassian, Donna Page, Rachel Schwartz, Mary Simmons, Sarah Cohen, Robin Fielder, Alison Jennings, Marilynn Leedom, Tara Lindsay, Courtney Loechli, Lauren Maceri, Martha Manting, Betsy Marsh, Jessica Oskoian, Dana Rimelspach, Sheran Tioran

Men's Chamber Ensemble

Bill Blauvelt, Rick Blauvelt, Nathan Blockno, Mitchell Collins, Ken Forrest, Korey Miller, Christopher Oskoian, Jeff Szymkiw, Joel Ben-Moche, Jamie Love, Peter Marsh, John Niesen, Barry Smith, Steve Thomas, Matt Watson, Roger Woods