Diamond Level ($1,000 and Up)

Eric and Martha Manting (Annual Student Scholarship)

Platinum Level ($500 to $999)

Margee Kaczmarek and Dave Nelson

Eric and Martha Manting

John, Carolyn and Gracie Niesen

Matthew and Margaret Watson

Gold Level ($250 to $499)

Richard and Marjorie Blauvelt

Ric and Carola Huttenlocher

Greg and Annette Mamassian

Peter and Betsy Marsh

Dr. Robert A. and Kim Martin

John and Zakiya Niesen

Darin and Donna Page

Brandon Ulrich

Silver Level ($100 to $249)

Andy and Dee Acho


Richard and Marjorie Blauvelt (Annual Student Scholarship)

Manfred Boden

The Finch

Helen Frizzo (In Memory of Val Frizzo)

Joseph Galasso

The Hot Tub Store

Susan Clark Joul (In Honor of Brandon Ulrich for His Musical Gifts)

James Love

Mary Ellen and John Mohn

Denise Rush

Donna Sheppard

Darlene Szymkiw

Stephen D. Thomas (In Memory of Sharon Thomas)

Bronze Level ($25 to $99)

William Blauvelt

Tara C. Blockno

David Foster

Marilynn Leedom (In Memory of Jerry Leedom)

Anne H. Maters

Barbara McSwain


Clarkston United Methodist Church

Cohen and Associates, PC

De'Twah Luxury Eyewear

Digs Curated Finds

Stagecrafters — The Baldwin Theatre

Valentine Distilling Co.

Waterford & Clarkston Dentistry

The Gateway

The Clarkston Rotary

FindIt Solutions

Helen Frizzo — National Realty Centers

Dr. Mark G. Frizzo — Family & Cosmetic Dentistry

J. Thomas Jewelers

Dorothy Duensing Studio