Scholarship/Choral Festival

Over the past 24 years, Madrigal Chorale has proudly awarded nearly $70,000 of scholarship monies to aspiring and talented young vocalists in the Southeast Michigan area. This upcoming season, Madrigal Chorale continues its commitment to vocal music by inviting high school choirs to compete for awards and to participate in a unique Choral Invitational Festival on Saturday, March 28, 2020 (see below). In 2020, Madrigal Chorale’s competition will strive to reach as many potential applicants as possible with the following changes:   
  • We will expand to 6 counties: Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, Washtenaw, Livingston, and    St. Clair
  • We will open the Competition to all schools
  • The scholarships will be tiered as follows:
    1 - $1,000 scholarship for Class AA/A
    1 - $1,000 scholarship for Class B
    1 - $1,000 scholarship for Class C/D
Eligible groups must submit their application and recording for judging by January 11, 2020.  Finalists will be notified by February 1, 2019 regarding their participation in the festival. Please note that participation in the March 28 event is required in order to receive any award. 

Complete details and an application form are attached. 

Motor City Choral Invitational Festival  
Madrigal Chorale is pleased and excited to host the first annual Motor City Choral Invitational Festival. This one day event invites choirs in the metropolitan Detroit area to celebrate choral singing and enjoy the opportunity to hear other choirs perform. It also will further promote choral singing of all kinds. Participating choirs spend part of the day working with a guest clinician to enhance their knowledge of choral performance and then each choir will perform individually. The finale of the event will be performing together in one, glorious, mass choir.

The event takes place on Saturday, March 28, 2020 at the beautiful and spacious St. Paul's United Methodist Church of Rochester. We are excited to sing and fellowship with other choirs and it is our wish that the festival continues annually and will be hosted by other choirs in the area. The event will include our high school scholarship winners. The high school winners will have clinic time with our guest clinician Dr. David Rayl, Director of Choral Activities at Michigan State University, from 9-10:30 am; the adult choirs will have clinic time from 10:30-Noon. After lunch, all participants will perform 1 or 2 selections and then perform together en masse. 

Madrigal Chorale combined the adult choir gathering with the high school scholarship winners with the vision that high school musicians will interact with the adult choirs and be impacted in a long lasting and meaningful way by the beautiful music, mentoring, and camaraderie.  Especially for high school students in our area who lack sufficient positive role models in their lives, we believe this event can have a life-long impact on the choices they make in their future.  As always, Madrigal Chorale strives to make beautiful music and also have a beautiful impact on our community. 

Download the registration form at the bottom of this page. The entry deadline is December 31, 2019.
Congratulations to our 2019 prize winners, Canton Preparatory High School Chamber Choir, Detroit School of Arts Madrigal Ladies.


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