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Madrigal Chorale's latest professionally recorded CD 
(Released December 2014)

"Sing A Mighty Song"  can now be ordered.

The CD is $10 each plus $5.95 Shipping.

This would make a great Christmas gift !!

Listing of Songs (Image of Back Cover)
1. Sing a Mighty Song 
2. Sicut Cervus 
3. Ching-a-Ring-Chaw 
4. Magnificat Anima Mea (Magnificat) 
5. Now is the Month of Maying 
  Madrigal Chorale Women
6. Flight of the Bumblebee 
7. Ye Shall Have a Song 
8. Samachti B’omrim Li 
9. Vive L’Amour 
          Men's Chamber Group
10. How Do I Love Thee? 
  Chamber Ensemble Women
Gospel Mass 
   11. Kyrie 
   12. Gloria 
   13. Credo 
   14. Acclamation 
   15. Sanctus 
   16. Agnus Dei 
17. Shenandoah 
18. Anthem for Spring 
19. This Christmastide

MC has three other professionally recorded CDs for your listening pleasure. These CDs are available for purchase for $10 each; or purchase all three CDs for $25. Share your love of music with others.

Special! Buy all 3 CDs for only $25.00 plus shipping.
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Or purchase a CD individually:

Certain’y Lord: $10.00 plus shipping.
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From the Soul: $10.00 plus shipping.
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Songs of the Holidays: $10.00 plus shipping.
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